Friday, December 2, 2016


Having confidence in yourself means that you believe in yourself. You know that you can do anything you put your mind to. For example let's say you want to go to the college of your dreams but it's not necessarily the easiest to get into. You have confidence in yourself if you believe you can make it into this college that you dream of. It might be hard but you think that you can do it in fact you know you can because you have so much faith in yourself.
Of course, it’s always possible to have too much confidence that then becomes arrogance. You become full of yourself and might bring others down along with your success. Let's say you wanted to. All you talk about is yourself and how you can do every little thing out there even if it’s impossible. That becomes a burden to others and you’ll end up looking stupid if you try to do something and fail when you said that you could do it no matter what.
There was a time when I was confident too. In fact I needed to be confident to get an extra little boost for my games. I played soccer every weekend and i'm not going to lie, I was pretty good. That was mostly because I always had confidence that I could score a goal or that I could give a good pass to my teammate and that always helped. I started to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted therefore I put all my effort into doing all I could on the field. That caused me to become a better player and I spread this confidence with the rest of my team and we all did great together.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Beauty of Fiction

              In a persons life they usual have someone that has a great impact that they might call a hero. I personally do have someone I would definitely call a hero. I have many in fact. Many are characters from books and shows. One of my personal favorite is a character called Mikasa. She is a strong woman from a manga [Japanese book] and anime called Attack on Titan. I chose her because not only is she strong but despite everything that has happen to her, she never gives up. I personally have also been through a lot and in times when I feel like there is no point, I would want to keep trying just to impress my fictional hero. She also shows how powerful woman can be. She was the top rated cadet in her troop, she protects her brother with her life, she's an inspiration, she's my hero.
Image result for Mikasa             Mikasa maybe fictional but that means nothing to me. I'm positive many people have fictional characters that give them strength too. Your hero doesn't have to be real because they can be real in your heart. I feel fictional characters can be more influential than real people because you can make them out to be whoever you want. You can have them fit any characterization you want. That is the beauty of fiction. You can make anyone you want and they can be someone that keeps you going everyday. For example, In the show attack on Titan, I don't know everything about each character. I wouldn't know if one person has anxiety or if another character is feeling homesick. You can make it up and decide to see them in that light. That character could be your Ideal hero or just regular person.

Image result for attack on titan characters           

Thursday, October 13, 2016

To grow up

       What does it mean to 'grow up'? Is it maturing? Is it knowing more than you knew before. Is it a general understanding of things? It is all of these things together. When growing up you start to put pieces of things together and one day things that didn't make sense might seem clearer. Growing up is also about maturing, not playing stupid games with the kids but holding a conversation with the adults. Of course that doesn't mean you can't play with the kids anymore. A lot of times, while growing up you might experience a turning point that could change your life. In the novel To kill a mockingbird by Harper lee, Jem experiences this while taking care of a lady who used to be a drug addict. I have also experience multiple things that have changed my view over and over again. Some of them good, most of them bad. I will speak of one vaguely. When I was ten I sadly had to experience going through something very rough that for reasons, will not be shared. On that day my life was changed forever and I was forced to grow up. No more goofing around because this was serious and coming into a situation like the one at hand, being a kid was not an option. I had experiences before that day that certainly added to this turning point but that event really was the big point in my life where I had fully matured. It really goes to show that their are turning points in life when you just have to mature for better or worse. Ant that's what it is like to 'grow up'

Monday, September 19, 2016

Understanding someone else

                 Atticus Finch is an intellectual individual from To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. He is a lawyer and quite wise. In the book he says, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view." I'm sure many would consider what he said into different meanings and they could all be correct. To explain further, he is talking about a boy who's family has very little money but what he said could be generalized to any person. In simpler terms, what he means is that no one can know why someone does something unless you live the same way they live, or do as they do. He said this because they had a little poor boy over for dinner and his daughter, scout questioned the way he ate. Most children don't realize that everyone is raised different and that affects the way they act. Scout had not grown up the same way the other little boy did so she shouldn't be questioning the way he does things. People are shaped when growing up. They learn to do this and not to do that but everyone is brought up differently. and of course this poor boy doesn't get food often but when he did he ate a lot and that makes sense. Scout was privileged enough to have a meals everyday so she wouldn't be able to understand why the boy ate the way he did. Atticus wanted to let scout know that their family, who eats plenty wouldn't understand the struggles a poor family has, whether it be food, education, or clothing wise. Scout most likely learned from what her father said. She would know that from now on she won't be able to judge someone properly until she has lived the way they have lived.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Soccer community

When being apart of a community, to function properly there has to be some rules. For example I was apart of a soccer team and we managed very well when we followed the unwritten and written rules. In soccer we have a bunch of chaotic teens in one place with 2-3 coaches and without some rules it would be chaotic. Some of the unwritten rules that are extremely helpful is of course no talking while the coach is explaining something. Of course sometimes it’s harder to focus than other times but not being attentive during explaination time could very well result in confusion and most definitely annoyance from not only the coach but other members of the team. If we wanted things to run smoothly then paying attention was very important. Another unwritten rule is being supportive of others. Believe it or not, not many girls on our team were perfect at soccer. We always had great enthusiasm for people who would try a new move and if anyone ever made a mistake - which happens often - we were sure to let them know that just trying was enough. Written rules are just as important as the unwritten ones. In soccer there are plenty of rules for the games. You can’t use your hands, no pushing, goalies can’t touch the ball with their hands outside the eighteen yard box and of course no trash talking. If no one followed these, there would be no point in even playing because it wouldn’t be soccer anymore. Rules are very important when participating in some kind of community. Rules pretty much make a community. And i have no idea how to end this thing. RIP my writing skill