Friday, September 16, 2016

Soccer community

When being apart of a community, to function properly there has to be some rules. For example I was apart of a soccer team and we managed very well when we followed the unwritten and written rules. In soccer we have a bunch of chaotic teens in one place with 2-3 coaches and without some rules it would be chaotic. Some of the unwritten rules that are extremely helpful is of course no talking while the coach is explaining something. Of course sometimes it’s harder to focus than other times but not being attentive during explaination time could very well result in confusion and most definitely annoyance from not only the coach but other members of the team. If we wanted things to run smoothly then paying attention was very important. Another unwritten rule is being supportive of others. Believe it or not, not many girls on our team were perfect at soccer. We always had great enthusiasm for people who would try a new move and if anyone ever made a mistake - which happens often - we were sure to let them know that just trying was enough. Written rules are just as important as the unwritten ones. In soccer there are plenty of rules for the games. You can’t use your hands, no pushing, goalies can’t touch the ball with their hands outside the eighteen yard box and of course no trash talking. If no one followed these, there would be no point in even playing because it wouldn’t be soccer anymore. Rules are very important when participating in some kind of community. Rules pretty much make a community. And i have no idea how to end this thing. RIP my writing skill


  1. This is really good and lol I understand I couldn't think of a good final sentence either...

  2. Excellent points! I think you have the perfect ending sentence in that rules DO make a community.