Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Beauty of Fiction

              In a persons life they usual have someone that has a great impact that they might call a hero. I personally do have someone I would definitely call a hero. I have many in fact. Many are characters from books and shows. One of my personal favorite is a character called Mikasa. She is a strong woman from a manga [Japanese book] and anime called Attack on Titan. I chose her because not only is she strong but despite everything that has happen to her, she never gives up. I personally have also been through a lot and in times when I feel like there is no point, I would want to keep trying just to impress my fictional hero. She also shows how powerful woman can be. She was the top rated cadet in her troop, she protects her brother with her life, she's an inspiration, she's my hero.
Image result for Mikasa             Mikasa maybe fictional but that means nothing to me. I'm positive many people have fictional characters that give them strength too. Your hero doesn't have to be real because they can be real in your heart. I feel fictional characters can be more influential than real people because you can make them out to be whoever you want. You can have them fit any characterization you want. That is the beauty of fiction. You can make anyone you want and they can be someone that keeps you going everyday. For example, In the show attack on Titan, I don't know everything about each character. I wouldn't know if one person has anxiety or if another character is feeling homesick. You can make it up and decide to see them in that light. That character could be your Ideal hero or just regular person.

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