Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Research papers

Throughout my schooling years I have only done one research paper and I hated it. This was mostly because I put it all together the night before it was due. I spent weeks gathering information and reading source after source and it is still the writing piece I am most proud of to this day. Research is extremely important for any peace you are writing. You should be knowledgeable on the topic you may be writing about. If you just put a bunch of made-up things all together it won’t really make sense to the reader. In the past I didn’t really think that anything I found on the internet wasn’t reliable and that was very naive of me. Luckily in the few months that I’ve been a freshman, my science teacher has taught me that anyone could just make a website and the reliable ones are only .gov, .edu and the occasional .org

An effective writer doesn’t just read a bunch of sources and gather information. It’s important that you are understanding what it is that you are reading. If you are reading things that don’t make sense to you it would be silly to include that in your paper. I would say the most difficult thing about the writing process is how much effort and time it takes to make your work close to perfect. While writing my research paper in the past, I have come to realize that when my teacher provides some sources for my specific topics it is extremely helpful. To get the best end product you need to care about what you are writing, otherwise you’ll end up sounding as if you’re a robot just spitting out facts. Honestly, research papers are a pain in the butt, however it will feel so good when it’s all over with. Afterwords just know that it’ll all be worth it.